Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • If I have a corporate credit card, does this mean I can say I’m a corporation?

No, it means that you are a member in good standing with a corporate card from one of the three entities designated for the procurement of credit lines/loans, etc.

  • Am I part of Corpor8?

Yes, as a member of one or up to three of the corporations listed.

  • Do I have to file anything differently on my tax return? 

No, as a member, you don’t retain ownership equity in any of the entities that will be utilized for the acquisition of credit. Therefore, there is no need to because you have no capital gains tax to report and your tax bracket is unchanged. 

  • Is there ever any paperwork I need to do?

Yes. Membership Enrollment documentation. Corpor8 account specialists will facilitate the various credit applications for your use, of which your signature will be required. .

  • Is raising my credit rating the only real benefit to having the card?

No. Having a corporate membership, you can use the corporation to make purchases with higher credit limits. Also, you'll be able to obtain perks such as cashback on purchases, rewards points towards, travel, and much more. There are countless discounts that can be obtained by having a corporate credit membership.

  • What if one already has an LLC?

That's fine. You may apply for one of our membership programs which will allow for the ease of application for various leasing contracts and procurement of credit cards. Because the credit worthiness of our seasoned corporations are taken into account, credit cards will be extended regardless of your personal credit history or that of your LLC/corp. Business credit takes into account the years of existence and credit score of the company.  

  • As a result, is it easier to apply for store credit cards, rentals for leasing residences, sales offices, cars, etc., only because my credit is better?

It is different than personal. Corporate gives more flexibility. The reaction is the assumption of repeat business, larger purchases and opening of corporate accounts. Businesses will extend in-store discounts to those customers who may bring consistent revenue to the business. Special treatment is given in the form of discounts, not just from the corporate cards but that of in-store credit lines, a designation only a seasoned corporation can obtain. 

  • Are there discounts that come with a corporate card?

Yes, most merchants offer discounts to businesses. It is perceived by the vendor that there will be a need now or in the future for multiple phones/phone lines, etc. So, to stay competitive, they extend discounts for bundles purchases when setting up services through one of our seasoned corporations. You won't have to pay for brick and mortar fees (retail) that you usually would in order to set up these accounts. 

  • If another business, store, etc., sees my corporate card, what would their reaction be? Special treatment?

Corpor8 allows members the use of corporate accounts as leverage to acquire financing, both unsecured and secured (signing as a personal guarantor for projects of your choosing), leasing of residence, vehicle, phones, internet for the use of the member, use of retail accounts, all in the company's name. The card validates your status. Vendors could offer you a corporate discount, or you ask for a corporate discount and get one. 

  • Website says I can save money on phone, etc. How?

Commercial phone plans get better rates and features, plus you are able to receive many more lines and phones. If you were to attempt to access these lines of credit outside of Corpor8, you will have to pay incorporation fees, maintain a commercial address, set up phone service at the address, website, domain registration, and also maintenance of vendor/credit card accounts, not to mention, in order to acquire certain lines/loans, the seasoning of your business. 

  • Your website lists benefits. How exactly does it benefit one besides increase their credit through Corpor8? Couldn’t one do it otherwise without paying a fee? 

Yes. You could do it on your own, although the fees involved far exceed that of the lifetime membership fee and annual membership fee combined. You could file the paperwork for an LLC or corporation. Costs vary from state to state. You would have to wait 3+ years to acquire the credit limits and accounts that our membership programs can provide you today! 

  • What if my credit is already good? Would this still be beneficial?

Yes, having good credit will enable you to access your required fuding with lower interest rates in situations where a guarantor is needed. In these situations, guarantor's personal credit is a assessed in setting terms of a loan. As your profiles expand, your credit can become better over time. 

  • What is the main purpose to join? To recruit, make money and to increase credit score?

Corpor8 offers a unique opportunity to acquire funding for members with both good and bad credit who wish to further themselves ion a personal and/or business level through entrepreneurship. Therefore, services offered by Corpor8 to obtain benefits, whether it is credit or discounts that will save them money in the long run, expand your acquisition capabilities, and get more out of your accounts. Membership provides you with the tools to do just that! THE MAIN PURPOSE TO JOIN CORPOR8 IS TO LIVE YOUR DREAMS! 

  • What training, sales support, customer service is provided for recruiting?

Corpor8 provides all FRCs with up-to-date training materials, including training manuals, marketing plans and sales scripts. Corpor8 also gives sales support by forwarding leads generated from our promotional website directly to FRCs in real time through an app that allows FRCs the opportunity to receive a live chat, skype, IM request, along with the prospect's information, to then close an account, converting the prospect to becoming a full member of Corpor8 and a part of their downline as a recruiter. 

  • What if I don’t want to recruit?

There is no obligation to recruit. In these cases, a member would still receive customer service, which includes account management that tracks transactions in real time, 

  • Do I get assigned one person to assist me? Is this who brought me in?

Yes. If you came to Corpor8 via a Corpor8 advertisement, you will be appointed an FRC, unless you respond by entering the FRCs code listed in the advertisement you responded to. In that case, you would get access to that FRC upon entering the site. The company will assist you. All your upline has big reason to help you succeed.

  • How does one know it isn’t a scam?

Transparency! Anyone can verify all corporations through the Secretary of State for confirmation of its existence and certificate of Good Standing within the State of Louisiana. Membership verification is available with each of our corporations. Corpor8 complies with all federal laws dealing with consumer disclosure, namely by The Credit Repair Organizations Act, 15 U.S.C. 1679, and the FTC Act, 15 U.S.C. 45. 

  • What are credit accounts associated strengths?

Depending on the account, it varies. They allow access to lower fees and rates, higher spending limits than personal accounts, which are governed by FICO scores that dictate spending limits, fees and rates.

  • Is there support in how to advertise and train?

Yes, ongoing. Corpor8 sends to FRCs what we call a Recruiter Package, which includes a presentation manual that has in it certificates and applications for prospects and members. Also, there is access to Corpor8's promotional website that expands, enrolls and secures FRCs downline (members and recruiters alike), up-to-date training materials and company informational newsletters, which  can be in the form of a newsletter, “Corpor8 Links”, an online social network, or company forum.

  • Does Corpor8 complete all the paperwork necessary to apply to credit cards? Is it automated?

Yes, Corpor8 completes all paperwork, as the credit cards will be held in our corporation(s) name for the benefit of members, and handles all credit card applications on a recurring basis, every 90 to 120 days, until all accounts are obtained. Member information are sourced from the questionnaire that the member provides with all credit/personal information.

  •  What are the differences in lifetime memberships?

Business Corporation (BC), Real Estate Operations Inc. (REO) and Modern Technology Incorporated (MTI) all are the same lifetime memberships. 

  • When you say ‘become an executive with our corporation’, what does that mean? Do I work there? Part owner? My title?

As a member affiliate of Corpor8, you gain access to one or all of our seasoned corporations. In these corporations, you will have the title of executive. There are no ownership rights, no need to work. All corporations operate solely for attainment of capital. 

  •  Is it divisions? Separate corporate structure entities?

No, they are not divisions. They are three different separate corporations. 

  • Does the date signify when they are founded?


  • Why the generic names?

To apply to the broad needs of our members. These are the names of official recordation in public records.

  •  After one signs up, what happens if I'm a recruiter, or if I'm not?

After signing up as a new recruiter, you are teamed with a Financial Recruiter Consultant (FRC), who is tasked with issuing you presentation manuals, training materials and a personal FRC code in order to begin your business. As a member only, you simply begin to obtain credit and discounts from accounts set up for your benefit, along with customer service, all of which will be facilitated directly by Corpor8.

  • What does it mean? ‘The company will align itself with you…’

Corpor8 works with its members independently and through FRCs to achieve their member's goals by applying for credit accounts/loans through our seasoned corporations. You’re able to list the corporation(s) on references or credit applications.

  • How is it that once I have the card, am I able to lease equipment, rent office space, lease a home, phone for my use, etc.?

Corpor8 membership allows for this, because all accounts are established by the member in the name of our seasoned corporations. 

  • How exactly does it work?

You apply with the corporate name of our seasoned corporations to take advantage of benefits given to companies who have established corporate credit lines in place by utilizing these cards. This shows stability wherein the corporation's incorporation dates are helpful to obtain these. This shows a person is more financially stable.

  • How do you save money on office furnishings, computers, etc.?

Membership in our seasoned corporations allows you to make purchases from vendors who cater only to businesses and is something you could never do on a personal level. As a result, spending limits, fees and rates are more favorable.

  • Am I given office space, etc., in the Corpor8 headquarters?

No, this is not necessary. Corporations exist for the sole purpose of acquiring credit and loans.

  • Are the three corporations separate entities? Does I choose which one to go with, or is it all three?

Yes, they are all separate. You start with Business Corporation (BC), then Real Estate Operations (REO), then Modern Technology Incorporated (MTI). The choice is solely on the member as to which you choose to join, or you can join all three.  You can start with one, two or all three or expand when you want.

  • Why would anyone want/need up to 18 credit cards?

To build a home, investment property, renovations, expand existing businesses, etc.

  • How does this give me solid financial stock for the future?

You have a lifetime membership! This membership allows you access to credit cards as well as lines of credit, which can be used as leverage to finance inventory, expand/start business, pay down/off debt, which in turn sets the groundwork for the future. 

  • For the memberships, what do the different levels signify? Is that the MLM hierarchy?

Yes, that is correct. Levels only apply to Financial Recruiter Consultants (FRCs), not members. .

  • To clarify, Business Corporation, Real Estate Operations and Modern Technology Incorporated are all separate entities? One must pay $495 for each?


  • What is the benefit?

To have three longstanding corporations that allow you to apply for higher credit limits/lines, which provide access to more accounts and opportunities to expand the acquisitions of you, the member. Much can be achieved as a member of one corporation. Just imagine multiplying that by three! 

  • When you say the company support pays overhead, is this implying I have a furnished physical office?

Corpor8 has streamlined the process of credit acquisitions for you. The expenses equated with it is limited to where members only have to service debt associated with maintenance of the account (paying back what is borrowed/charged). Therefore, there is no need for you to have a brick and mortar location. A physical office is not necessary. All of these are taken care of by us and not your worry.

  •  If I join and recruit, am I recruiting into my own corporation, or into Corpor8?

You recruit for the corporation membership into our seasoned corporations, not your own. All Financial Recruiter Consultants (FRCs) are independent contractors who market via their contract with Corpor8. Although you recruit into our seasoned corporations, these recruits also become part of your downline, allowing you to receive financial benefits from their marketing efforts.

  • Do I get a percentage of what a person in my downline spends on their credit card?

No, we are not concerned with how much a person spends or doesn't spend. Additionally, it is not our concern or problem if a member defaults on their card.

  • Do I get my own website, or a page within Corpor8?

Yes, you utilize the website as your own. Corpor8 allows FRCs access to the backroom bookkeeping to see all their downline sales and sales force activities.

  • Do I create my own advertisement or media to be approved, or are these provided with personalization?

FRCs create their own ads/media to be approved by Corpor8 (content only). Corpor8 provides flexibility with various methods to advertise and market our products/services through our marketing materials and training, but does not instruct FRCs as to what marketing or ad campaign they are to use. You can create your own after approval, or we provide proven marketing material.

  • Is there a list of do's and don’ts regarding what to say, behavior, etc.?

Yes. There is a list of terms and conditions in the contract. There are also training materials, marketing tips and new strategies in the company e-newsletter/newsletter.

  • The contract is for Business Corporation. Is there also a contract for each of the other two corporations?

Yes, the contracts are the same and outlined under separate names. Each is individual.

  • How is having a corporate card going to build my credit? By using it and paying the debt off? If I only want to straighten out their credit, why would I choose this company and not do it with a personal credit card with no fee involved?

The use and maintenance of a credit card is not the sole method that Corpor8 employs to aide in repairing your credit. The use of your membership allows you to acquire needed loans and/or credit lines which members can underwrite and pay off in a timely manner to aid in your credit repair and allow you to achieve personal goals, in tandem with raising your FICO score. Our seasoned corporations only make you stronger on credit applications, giving you more latitude than can be available with personal credit approvals. 

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